About Me

Welcome to Tami-s Breeze

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Hello, I am Tami.

A Creative Virtual Assistant in Kansas City.

And I am totally captivated with The City Of Fountains, photography, travel and exploring.

I have been a full time Customer Solutions Specialist for over 30 years. It’s my responsibility to ask detailed questions, keeping customers happy, helping them along their purchasing journey for your business, company, products and services. Acting as a Representative, problem solving with customers. Customers will make informed decisions leading to the right decision for their purchase. Whether instore or online they will be motivated to buy from you.

What is awesome Customer Service about?

It’s about your business being top of mind, in the moment.


  • Email lists and management.

  • Social Media performance.

  • Keeping communication open.

  • Building brand awareness.

  • Keep your customers while investing in new customers.

How can I help?

Imagine having more time to grow your business, keeping your office and team organized, ready to go daily. If you look at your morning to-do list, always wonder where to start. You found it from email, social media, research, meetings and growing. Versatile in all the major platforms, a variety of programs and software.

The early years of Tami

Bachelor's degrees in Business Finance and Consumer Psychology (customer solutions).

  • 2 successful businesses Tami-S Breeze 2012/present and My Travel Senses travel agency 2003/2012.

  • 20+ years engaging with customers.

  • 18 years self-employed

  • Veteran

Tami O'Meara